Victor Ponomarenko, Senior Vice President

Victor Ponomarenko

Victor has been with DC BARS since 2001 when he took the position of Director, Engineering. Victor brought to the DC BARS management team his much needed leadership and invaluable professional skills gained during 15 years in program and technical management in the avionics industry. His knowledge, consistency, and dedication were indispensable in the years of leaping company growth which Victor has managed to combine with transformation into a company with much better project management and engineering practices, optimized organizational structure, and improved customer relations. He was appointed Vice President in 2005, then Senior Vice President in 2007, continually being the architect of success for the company up to the present day.

Before joining DC BARS, his career includes positions of Chief Engineer at the Beta Air company, Program Manager of US-Russian Integrated Electronic & Avionics Systems at the AlliedSignal/NIIAO joint venture, Technical Director of international programs at the Russian State Research Institute of Aviation Systems (GosNIIAS) which resulted in extensive experience of successfully leading hundreds of people in international multidisciplinary teams. 

Victor is a Designated Engineering Representative of the Interstate Aviation Register.

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